“She doesn’t wear fur because she is cold; she wears fur because she is glamorous.”
—Ken Downing—
Let’s talk fur; let’s talk Valentina Luxe.
We are all about quality, customized, trendy and luxurious fur, all at affordable prices.
Valentina Luxe is an understated fashion hub; a haven for fashion enthusiasts. We are renowned for handmade shawls that are 100% devoid of dyes or faux fur. Our fur is imported from Europe and custom made to fit our clients’ choices by one of the best tailors in New York City.
We also stock in vogue luxury accessories and outerwear, suitable for fashion savvy clients; those after opulence and class.
Founded by Tina, Valentina Luxe is a product of a passion for fashion. Tina is a self confessed fashionaholic, with the love for newness of fabrics and the art of pairing items being her weakness.
Tina trails her roots to Poland, having migrated into the United States of America at the age of 2. Residing in Brooklyn, a fashion capital in the USA for the last 25 years would only propel her dream to delve into the world of fashion.